Did you know? We’re 100% Organic.

As an industry leading producer of organic fertilizers and soil amendments, Fertilizers USA LLC works with farmers, horticulturist, professional landscapers, vineyards, and home gardeners who are looking for an organic, sustainable approach to improving their soil. Our organic nutrients products meets all USDA organic standards – 100% environmentally friendly.

FUSA Organic Nutrients Series ™

Our Organic Nutrients Series will boost plant development and improve soil fertility.

Enzyme USA ®


Enzyme USA ®

Bio NPK Grow

Enzyme USA ®

Bio NPK Bloom

Enzyme USA ®

Bio Nutrients Foliar

Why Choose Enzyme USA®?

  • Improves

    Serves as a catalyst to naturally detoxify and enrich the topsoil—which increases plant growth, yield, shelf-life and overall nutritional quality.

  • Beneficial

    Improvement of soil quality substantially reduces the growth of weeds and herbivore insects, thus gradually eliminating the need for toxic herbicides, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers.

  • Helps

    Promotes photosynthesis and strengthens the vigor of plants, thus increasing their ability to withstand drought, floods, and temperature extremes.

  • Remediates

    Naturally remediates harmful substances—such as heavy metals, salinity, and agrochemicals—while restoring the microbial diversity of the topsoil.

  • Regulates

    Increases soil temperature through microbial activity, which enables greater cultivation in colder regions.

  • Protects

    Improves soil aggregation, permeability, and water holding capacity—thus reducing overall water usage.

  • Prevent

    Helps prevent the erosion of fertile topsoil—and can even convert desert and sodic environments into arable land.

  • Improves

    Detoxifies, conserves, and improves the overall quality of water and the runoff tributaries.

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Feed the Soil

This is what “Feed the Soil to Feed the Plants”, the mantra of organic gardeners everywhere, means. When you “feed the soil” by increasing soil organic matter, the soil organisms that break it down multiply, and their waste products provide a “micro-manure” organic fertilizer that’s deposited right at the root hairs of your plants.


Growing better crops with our superior Organic Nutrients Series™. Horticultural growers are improving their soil fertility with our products – and realizing far-reaching benefits. Learn more about our superior Organic products.


As an industry leading producer of organic fertilizers and soil amendments, we work with growers, vineyards, professional landscapers and home gardeners. Learn more about how we’re helping others in your industry.

Nutrients 101

Plants should be fertilized because most soil does not provide the essential nutrients necessary for optimum growth. Even if you are lucky enough to begin with great garden soil, as your plants grow, they absorb nutrients and leave the soil less fertile.