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Bio Trichoderma

Our product contains highly selected strains of trichoderma that colonize root surfaces upon contact to increase the soil’s microbial activity and stimulate the root system for more efficient water and nutrient absorption.

How Trichoderma Works?

Trichoderma colonizes on the root structure of a host plant, attacking and killing soil-borne pathogens before they can harm the plant. Then the trichoderma multiplies and thrives as the host plant grows, providing season-long protection while sending messages through biochemical pathways to improve plant performance and yield.

Benefits of Trichoderma

Biologicals are a natural way to improve agricultural production and plant yields. Some of the most notable benefits of trichoderma are that it:

  • Enhances anti-oxidative potential of the host plant.
  • Triggers systematic disease resistance mechanisms in plants.
  • Enhances the uptake of water and nutrients, especially nitrogen, which leads to higher nutrient metabolism.
  • Increases photosynthesis of the host plant, which leads to a healthier plant.

Results of Trichoderma

The proof is in the pudding. Here are some consistent results of trichoderma treatment:

  • Increased yield in all crops.
  • Greater resistance to plant stresses such as disease, drought, and salt.
  • Deeper root systems, greater root mass, stronger stalks, and increased tillering
  • Better water use efficiency.
  • Reduced need for the use of fertilizer, resulting in lower production costs for growers.
  • When the host plant dies, the trichoderma dies, with little if any build-up in the soil.

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