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Bio NPK Worm Castings

Our horticultural grade Bio NPK Worm Castings TM feeds your soil and plants by introducing diverse beneficial microbes, which are then transformed into plant available nutrients. Our worm castings offers a wide range of benefits:

  • High microbial diversity inoculates soil and improves nutrient assimilation
  • Consistent particle size enhances water and air holding capacity, and is ideal for all media applications, including soilless mixes
  • Free from harmful pathogens and weed seeds
  • OMRI Listed®, for inclusion in your Organic crop management plan.

Application Rates

Our Bio NPK Worm Castings TM can be used on all types of crops:  Vegetables, herbs, fruit trees and vines, flowers and container plants, lawns and gardens.  Application rates vary by crop, developmental stage, soil condition, and disease pressures. For maximum efficacy, mix Bio NPK Worm Castings TM with compost in the root zone when planting.

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