Growing Better Vines with FUSA:  A great wine starts with the right soil. Top wine growers need to be able to stress their vines to make great tasting wines. This can be challenging if the vines have been weakened by poor soils. So how can we restore soil health and help nature play a lead role in growing healthy vines?

Over a decade, FUSA has developed a proprietary High Yield Green Technology TM process for producing a consistent, high quality FUSA Organic & Natural Series TM and VermiCompost, an organic and microbiologically rich soil amendment, with proven results for wine producers. Our FUSA Organic & Natural Series TM and VermiCompost has high microbial diversity, is free from harmful pathogens and weed seeds, meets National Organic Program (NOP) regulations and is an effective way to build soil biology as well as promote plant vigor.

In working with wine producers throughout California, we are seeing the following benefits:

  • Improved transplant rates
  • Increased water holding capacity of soil
  • Better fruit canopy

Application rates

Application rates vary by crop, soil condition, and disease pressures. Contact us for more information.

Organic, Sustainable and Biodynamic

Wine growers are leading the way in biological soil management and there are several certification programs for verifying sustainability: Organic Certification, SIP Certification, Biodynamic Certification, and Certified Sustainable Winegrowing. Regardless of the standard against which you are measuring your practices, our OMRI-Listed® VermiCompost fits right into your crop management plan.

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