Our proprietary High Yield Green Technology™ FUSA Organic & Natural Series™ formulation and soil amendment in greenhouse production: With a media blend containing as little as 20 percent FUSA Organic Series and VermiCompost; greenhouse producers are realizing the benefits in horticultural production. Our Organic Series and VermiCompost contain high microbial diversity and transforms soil and soil media, so nutrients are more readily available to plants. FUSA Organic Series™ and VermiCompost are used in propagation, young plant, ornamental, and edible production.


We produce high quality, consistent FUSA Organic Series™ and VermiCompost that delivers a range of benefits, depending on crop, disease pressures, and growing conditions. Both laboratory and field trials are showing the potential for:

  •  Increased root growth and mass
  •  Greater dry weights and tissue weights
  •  Improved water and air holding capacity of soil
  •  Reduced chemical fertilizer use
  •  Improved yields and quality
  •  Reduced crop production time

Given our proprietary High Yield Green Technology™ production process, our VermiCompost is OMRI Listed®, free from harmful pathogens and weed seeds. To further accelerate microbiology in the soil, our VermiCompost can be used in conjunction with our Organic Series, a proprietary liquid formulation that can be delivered via existing irrigation and drip systems as a soil drench or a foliar application.  Please contact us for more information.

Organic & Sustainable Horticulture

Leading horticultural growers are looking for ways to control pests and disease, and build organic media and soil fertility with the least environmental impact. Whether you are certified to the USDA National Organic Program, Veriflora®, or MPS, our OMRI-Listed® VermiCompost can fit right into your sustainable crop management plan.

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