Home Gardening

No matter if you are a home gardener wanting make your residence more beautiful or a Master Gardener looking to demonstrate your expertise through the innovative use of plantings, Fertilizers USA LLC has the solution for you.

Have you considered planting an organic garden but didn’t know where to start?

FUSA Organic & Natural Series TM and VermiCompost give you what you need to plant and maintain your landscaping and your organic gardens. 

New Plants/Crops

Use our VermiCompost when installing new plants – right in the root zone works best.  To water in the new plants or crops, use FUSA Organic & Natural Series TM.

Existing Plants/Crops

Use our Vermicompost with existing plants, working it into the soil immediately around the plants works best. To maintain existing plants or crops, use FUSA Organic & Natural Series TM as a soil drench or as a foliar application.

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