Growing better crops with our proprietary High Yield Green Technology™ FUSA Organic & Natural Series™ and soil amendment: From maize and rice grain, coffee and tea plants nut and peppercorn, orchards to legume and vegetable crops, agricultural producers are improving soil fertility with FUSA products – and realizing far-reaching benefits. Our products contain high microbial diversity and transforms soil so nutrients are readily available to plants and delivers a range of benefits:

  • Improved plant development and growth
  • Better transplant success
  • Improved plant resiliency
  • Enhanced water and air holding capacity of soil

When you incorporate our FUSA Organic Series™ and VermiCompost into your soil, nature can do what nature does best: Cycle nutrients, nourish plants, and fight disease. Our VermiCompost is free of harmful pathogens and weed seed and meets National Organic Program regulations.

Backed by Science

Working at the intersection of science and nature, we are strongly committed to our Organic& Natural Series research. We maintain an onsite research facility and work with growers, cooperative extension programs, and university agricultural researchers on laboratory and field trials.

Application rates

Application rates vary by crop, soil condition, and disease pressures. Contact us for more information.

Organic Growers

If you are Certified Organic, transitioning to organic or interested in sustainable production, our OMRI-Listed Vermicompost will fit right into your organic system or transition plan.

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