Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

We are improving both yield and quality crops through our innovative organic fertilizer technology.

How is Organic different?

Organic fertilizer is a healthy alternative because it provides benefits to plants and soil.


The organic matter in the fertilizer feeds microorganisms in the soil, improving the foundation upon which plants grow. Healthy soil is the long term key to lawn and garden success. Without fertile soil, plants cannot thrive. Enriching the soil with organic matter also improves soil structure which improves the soil’s capacity to hold water and nutrients, releasing them to plant roots as needed.
Organics release nutrients naturally in a slow and consistent flow of nutrition. No single nutrient dominates and plants receive a balanced diet, including a broader range of naturally occurring trace minerals and micronutrients than most synthetics can offer. Organics feed for a much longer time period than quick-release synthetic feed. A long-lasting feed means fewer applications for consumers. Users of organic fertilizer mow less often. This is because organic slow-release nutrients stimulate even growth and root development, where quick release synthetics accelerate top growth that needs mowing.

Organic fertilizers do not contain chemical salts which can burn vegetation. This means you don’t have to water in an organic to keep it from burning. You can apply anytime without worrying about burning, and the fertilizer will be ready to work when moisture arrives later. Those with water restrictions or who wish to conserve water can simply apply and wait for the rain. The slow, natural release of organic fertilizers also means that they are less likely to leach nutrients into groundwater. Therefore, the use of organic fertilizer can lessen the impact and damage to our waterway ecosystem.

Does FUSA Organic fertilizer meet all of USDA Organic standards?


Is Organic fertilizer pet-friendly?

Unlike our chemical fertilizer competitors, our Organic fertilizer is 100% all-natural, and very pet-friendly.

What are the benefits of FUSA’s organic fertilizer?

Unlike synthetic fertilizers, FUSA’s organic fertilizer feeds the soil. Your soil is a tiny ecosystem that depends on minerals and microbes for maximum health. Our fertilizers add minerals and microbial to the soil and encourage microbial growth, without burning the plants or leeching into groundwater. With balance restored, your plants grow to their full potential.

  • no run-off into waterways and lakes
  • non-burning
  • less frequent application than synthetics
  • quick growth
  • less watering required
  • speed aeration recovery
  • reduce thatch
  • improve soil porosity

The result? Vibrant, green, healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables which means fertile soil, happy customers and a thriving business.